Finding your ‘Inner Artiste’ with a Simple Morning Exercise

For anyone who wants to live a creative life…and by that I really mean, for anyone who wants to create anything – a business, a book, a song, a blog… I’d highly recommend reading ‘The Artists Way’ by Julia Cameron. The whole book is incredible and has tonnes of exercises for developing your creativity and your ‘inner artiste’. Worried about whether you have an ‘inner artiste’? When researching for creativity week, I came across this quote, and wow, what a powerful thought…
special kind of artist
We all have an inner artiste, and Julia Cameron’s book helps us find her/him!
I wanted to delve into just one of the exercises in the book today, because, no word of an exaggeration, this exercise changed my life!
Have you heard of ‘morning pages’? I’ve recently read about various different life coaches who recommend the ‘morning pages’ technique, but I first heard of it in Julia’s book.
The concept is very simple. In order to be creative…and actually, I’d even now go as far as to say, in order to function, we need to get rid of the multiple and random thoughts that are clogging up our brains. Mindfulness techniques are great, but there is something to be said for allowing your brain to say what it wants to say. In fact, theres an awful lot of power in it.
Every morning now, I get up an hour earlier than I need to, for my morning routine. Before I do anything, I allow 30mins for my ‘morning pages’ to flow. Here’s how it works….
  • Pen goes to paper, and allow your brain to say whatever it wants.
  • This doesn’t have to be anything ‘good’…nobody is going to read it ever, probably not even you.
  • Allow your brain to stream out whatever it wants to say for three pages. You’ll probably find that most of it is just ‘stuff’ – worries, anxieties, perhaps going over what you have to do today/what that person said yesterday that bugged you….and every now and then you might come out with a gem…a light bulb moment where you write something particularly poignant. Take note of it elsewhere, so you can come back to it, however that is not the reason to do this. You are literally giving your brain and ego a moment to have its say!
  • When you’ve completed your three pages, fold up the pieces of paper and put them somewhere safe. What you do with them is up to you – I tend to collect mine for a few months and then have what I call a ‘spiritual BBQ’ (where I burn them and feel all that energy releasing as it burns off into the universe). The most important thing is, by writing your ‘morning pages’ every day, you create space for your true self to emerge… your artiste self. Your soul, and whatever it wants to express.
Does this sound enticing to you? Why dont we all try it for a week, and report back how we get on? I’d love to know how it works for you. ‘Morning pages’ is now an essential part of my day, and I think it always will be!
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