Creativity is the key to a happy life

I know…thats quite a big statement to make. In truth, its probably only 85% true – I’m sure there are also other keys to a happy life – self love, healthy relationships, healthy diet and exercise regime, and living your purpose all come to mind… but creativity, now thats a magical thing.
We wanted to cover creativity this week here at Pocket Guru, because we are all about inspiring a happy, healthy lifestyle. Experts say, absolutely anyone can be creative (in different ways of course), and there’s actual scientific evidence to prove that there’s a link between creativity and happiness. In recent studies, psychologists have discovered that engaging in ‘creative activities’ contributes to an upward spiral of positive emotions, psychological wellbeing and feelings of flourishing in life.
I always used to get a bit confused about what being ‘creative’ meant. People would often tell me that they saw me as a creative person, and honestly I didnt really see myself as that. I think I just assumed that a creative being had to wear paint splattered dungarees and make some form of painting or sculpture. At the time, I didn’t really do anything artistic, however what I did do was create ideas, businesses, and concepts. That was my form of creativity then, and it made me feel alive to be able to ‘magic’ something, out of nothing. It wasn’t a painting or a sculpture, but it was my own kind of art.
When I hit my late twenties, creativity decided to come knocking my door down in the form of the unshakeable need to start writing music. I’d been a singer my whole adult life, but never been drawn to creating my own music… until one day, I couldn’t not. It was like a force awakened within me and took over my life. Flash forward now to a few (five) years or so later, and I now know that I have to create everyday. Every single day. If I don’t, its as if my soul dies a little – bring on the anxiety, bring on the depression, bring on the monstrous inner battles should I ever try to eliminate it from my life! I learnt this lesson so hard, that I even got ‘CREATE. Everyday.’ tattooed on my arm, just as a reminder. Its a part of my being that I cannot ignore.
sera tattooe
So, we hope you enjoy this weeks ‘creativity week’ – and we want you to get involved. Creativity doesn’t have to be limited to art, music, writing…it could be a new business, decorating a room in your home, or even just creating your instagram feed full of interesting photos…  Whats something you’ve been inspired to create recently, and can you tell us about your journey getting there? What are you yearning to create, that you haven’t yet? Whats a step you could take towards making that leap and beginning your creation? What wants to be created by you?
And here’s a song I created recently…
Sera sign off NEW NAME


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