Top Tips – Living Your Purpose

This week we are celebrating life purpose, and we are so happy to introduce to you one of our guest bloggers, business & leadership coach Johanna Wallin!



Top Tips – Living Your Purpose

Without knowing you, yet, but knowing my own earlier tendency to be slightly confused as to how I relate to my life and it’s purpose, here are some statements that helped me clarify bits of the multifaceted topic and got me going, taking one step at a time.

Yes, you are the centre of the world, your world. Maybe not everyone else’s world, but yours, be sure of that and take appropriate actions to make this world the best you can.

No, you cannot skip taking care of you – what you do matters. We all are connected and that makes me and everyone else in the world very interested in your health, your wellbeing on all levels. Why? Because it is felt, seen and experienced by others in a variety of ways, both obvious and not so obvious.

Yes, someone is waiting for you and what you most of all would like to share. Not sure what that is? Super, that realisation combined with a good deal of curiosity counts as a good starting place.

Create it

No, it is not a good time to start tomorrow, at least if you have said that to yourself the last days, months or years. Now is the time! Today! This minute!

Yes, you probably need to sit down, and close your eyes to get in a state of actually connecting to your own body and the thinking and feeling that happens when posing the question: What does it mean to have a destiny? … Or what is my thinking and feeling about not knowing my destiny yet?

No, you are not alone. There is support around you. If your eyes are still closed, time to open them now and start seeking it out. My toolkit is designed to get you in to a fierce currency, a flow, creating your destiny path. Starting with being childlike, CURIOUS, deepening in CONNECTION to yourself/life and support from others, COMPASSION to stay with it. Feel the tonacity and how it makes you dare continue the path even if you do not know (you can trust it will be visible to you as you go), and then – CREATE IT, step by step, trusting new horizons will open up in front of you, as you start walking towards a greater and greater flow.

A final YES, without any doubt, or second thoughts, I wish you good luck and I hope you will enjoy the ride.  I stand behind you finding the meaning with your life.

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