The Existential Crisis and why the subject of ‘life purpose’ can be so painful

Life purpose for me, has to be both my absolute favourite, and worst subject when it comes to self development. How can that be?

There’s something wonderful and magical about the concept of life purpose…the thought that I am here to do something (or many things, more likely) that has meaning and is the reason for my existence. I find nothing more intriguing or exciting. I think I have always known that I am here for a reason, as I’m sure most of us do, even if we don’t know what that reason is and spend most of our years deep in existential crisis, searching for clues to piece together the puzzle.

I also find nothing more painful and heart wrenching! I have spent most of my life trying to figure out what my life purpose might be, and what I’ve found is that when I’m having moments that I now know to be when I am ‘off course’…moments where I am finding myself veering down the wrong path, away from my life purpose, I find myself in the most unexplainable pain and suffering. Opportunities that ‘appear’ to be good, or exciting, that may lead to ‘success’ perhaps according to others opinions, or what society (or even my brain) might tell me, but just feel wrong deep down in my soul, somehow leave me desperately fighting with myself, yearning to find my way back to my ‘right’ path, even if it makes no logical sense at all to anyone else (or myself).

Thank you to Dianna Hanken of for this beautiful image! 

Once I make it through that battle between head and heart (I’m happy to say my heart always wins eventually, its just a shame there’s always a world-war-three-esque fight to get through first), there’s that wonderful feeling… when I have ‘followed my bliss’. When you follow that deep yearning, when you slip back into the slipstream of life and where it is leading you…its almost like you can feel the Universe letting out a gorgeous sigh of relief and peace, as it whispers, ‘Ahh, there you go, my darling, you’re back on track again.’ Next steps align, the ‘right’ person to help you magically appears, as if from nowhere, and life is no longer a fight.

Follow your bliss

Thats what I’ve learned – when there’s some sort of friction or resistance, its just life giving you a gentle  (or not so gentle) tug to get back on course. It might not mean something is completely wrong, but it most definitely means there’s something to re-evaluate, to keep you on the path that is meant for you.

I’m so excited about this week because we have some amazing content to share on this subject, and we really want to hear from you about your own life purpose. What is it that you yearn to create? What do you long to do in life? And…lets get to the juicy bit too, where are you feeling resistance? If you get really quiet and connect to that resistance, what is it telling you?

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