3 Steps to Finding Your Life Purpose

Three wonderfully clear steps to finding your life’s purpose, as part of our #lifepurposeweek here at Pocket Guru, from guest blogger Stephanie Komen! Sit down, take some time to relax into this, and enjoy!



3 Steps to Finding Your Life Purpose

by Stephanie Komen, Founder KonnectKoncepts Coaching


Chances are your life purpose has been peeking out at you in subtle ways your whole life. Below are some easy steps for you to unveil your purpose and create a meaningful contribution through your life’s work.

  1. TUNE IN

One easy way to tune in is through meditation. Give yourself 15 minutes on a timer for this practice. To prepare, focus on your breathing until you feel relaxed, then let your awareness drop from your head into your belly. Ask yourself, “What is my life purpose?” create space for your answers by keeping your mind silent for a moment, then ask, “What do I want to create and contribute to the world?” Notice what comes up; don’t judge, attempt to make meaning or jump to conclusions, just invite the words and images to come in their own time and flow. Notice what your mind keeps coming back to and especially any energy or positive feelings that come up with any of the ideas that come to you. Give yourself 5 to 10 minutes to journal about what you saw, heard, or sensed and record your feelings and thoughts about the ideas that surfaced as you write.


Start with your professional path, then any volunteer positions you’ve held, and finally reach back to your school years and come up with a list of your skills. List the tasks and responsibilities of your job descriptions and rate the satisfaction you get from performing these tasks when you are performing most competently at your best. Before you move on, create a secondary list of responsibilities that you volunteered for or were assigned to you beyond the scope of your original job description. Do the same for your volunteer experiences and any club, team, or projects as far back as you can remember. Take care to note what you gravitated to and took on yourself. After you have created your comprehensive list, let it sit for a few days and pull together a list of the top 10 skills that have the most energy and give you the most satisfaction.

What would life look like Stephanie quote


Once you have a chance to integrate the information from the first two steps it’s time to take off the training wheels and really let all that you have learned and acknowledged in the process to take flight. You should allow at least 15 minutes for this exercise, start by deeply grounding yourself in your body (repeat the breathing & awareness drop from step1) before you open yourself up to asking the following questions and recording your answers and perceptions:

  • If I follow all that I have learned, what is possible for me?
  • What am I capable of creating?
  • Who am I capable of impacting?
  • Who am I capable of becoming?
  • If I did the things that empower and excite me in my career what would my day look like?
  • What other skills do I need to develop to make this vision reality?
  • What would my life look like if I were excited to get out of bed every morning?
  • If I succeeded in living my life purpose, what else would be possible in all other areas of my life?If i did the things STEPHANIE KOMEN


The keys to finding your life purpose are tuning into what interests you, knowing what your skills are and which ones you value the most, and visioning the possibilities for a life lived fully with purpose and integrity. Take the time to tune in and really listen, it is waiting for you.
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