How to Create the Life of your Dreams

Its likely that most of us have experimented with the concept of vision boards before – I know I love taking a moment every few months or so to vision up what I want to create next! However our guest blogger, Michelle Galbraith has written a fantastic article below about taking our vision boards to the next level! We’ve had a lot of fun playing with this in the Pocket Guru office, and getting to a deeper, more authentic place with what we were manifesting.

So without further delay, we’re excited to introduce to you, the fantastic Michelle Gailbraith!



Michelle G

The Information Age together with Technology has brought us many positive qualities to life – most in particular – to be more connected globally and also our ability to access information quickly.   And it has also created a swell of distraction and short term thinking.

But what happens to our brains in terms of processing all of this information when we are looking for threads to understand ourselves a bit better?  How can we access  our personal development, self awareness and discovery in a multi sensorial way?

Something that I have found most helpful to calm any overwhelm, create clarity and focus is to make visualisation boards.    You probably know what they are as a method of having a visual productivity reference point of something that you want to have or somewhere you want to go.

If you want to learn how to focus your intention to create the life that you want, you have to be connected both to your heart centre (emotional component) and your intellectual centre.    The two make the magic flow.  It fires up our bio chemistry to evoke motivation, inspiration and action.   We take action steps towards what we want.   Without the emotional component to ANYTHING, the intention will not stick.   It is the glue that gets us through the days that are difficult, like when something goes wrong. or you have an unexpected bill come through the letterbox.

Visualisation Boards  are a self help tool and when utilised daily, they can change the way you think and feel, enabling you to find your true potential and live a much fuller life, helping you to understand the true power of your thoughts and imagination.

Even if you are completely new to ENERGY techniques when you finish making a Vision Board and use it, it will transform your day to day interactions with yourself, family, friends and animals.

Visualisation is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do.  Anything we want in life has to have an emotional component to it as well as an intellectual side.  We have to FEEL the feeling of achieving the ‘goal’.  It is how our brains are wired.I create my life

For example,

Intellectual Component – I want to communicate clearly with my children everyday so that they understand the concept of being kind.

Emotional Component – I will feel loving, compassionate and patient when I communicate with my children.  The language I use will be inspiring, positive and playful, centred around the polarity of love.     It is important to me that my children feel loved and that they matter to me.

Olympic athletes have been using visualisation for decades to improve performance and Psychology Today reported that the brain patterns activated when a weightlifter lifts heavy weights are also similarly activated when the lifter just imagined (visualised) lifting weights (source Huffington Post).  These are called Mirror Neurones.

So what’s the KEY INGREDIENT  to creating a vision board that works?  Your Vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not just on things that you want.  The more your board focuses on how you want to feel, the more it will come into your life.

Vision Boards are good for setting the tone – tapping into the emotional centres – the feelings of how you want to feel.

You can focus the board on an area of your life – career / life work / relationships / parenting / money / security / adventure / experiences.   This creates a purpose for your board.

Michelle G vision board

Vision boards are valuable if you are prone to having negative thoughts and want to focus more on the positive.  You might also find them useful if you feel like you are buzzing around a lot but not landing on anything specific progress wise.  This can be motivating practice.

eg ….. how do you want to feel on a Monday morning?

What does happiness look like?

What does being a Mum look like to you?

What do you imagine yourself to be doing now the kids have left home?

Creating a Vision board – a picture based on these FEELINGS, evokes real emotions and the tone of what you want.   Did you know that these are part of your personal values too!

I have made a vision board specific to my personal values – so that I can be sure that I am a living demonstration of what they are.  This helps me to make decisions more easily, because I can FEEL if something aligns with my values as well as intellectualise the offering.

Here’s how to align your values with everything that you are, in your circle of influence:

Here’s an exercise you can do to get clear on what your personal values are, (be) how you demonstrate them in everything you do (do)  and how you know you are living by them moment by moment (have)

It’s called the Clarity Chart

Self – choose 3 words that will defines the best of who I am and that will be used to guide my personal life including my thoughts and actions  (who am I and what is important to me?)

e.g.;  mine are

I am love – because that is who I am at my core

I am receiving – because I need to practice receiving.

I am adaptable – because I need to let go of controlling all my outcomes when my fear centres kick in

Interactions –  choose 3 words that will define and guide how I will engage and treat others whom I meet in life, including my loved ones and strangers – (what are the actions)

e.g: mine are

Loving because this is important to me that people feel loved

Generous – because this is important to me that people feel welcome

Listener – because it is important to me that people feel truly heard

Accomplishments – choose  3 words that will remind me of what it is that I have accomplished in my values and which continue to make me more successful  – ( the clue here is what do your costumers say about you – what do you friends know you to be?)  [what are the results and outcomes?]

Trustworthy – the reason I chose this personal attribute is because I am a leader for Trust / word is my bond

Practical – this quality is important to me because it helps to keep me real and flexible in everything I do

Visionary – this quality resonates with  me because it keeps me anchored to my dream

The WHY is the glue (as mentioned earlier in the article) that keeps us motivated when the going gets tough.

E.g;     My big WHY is –  I am an advocate for Millennials especially, Women Millennials in  their health  and lifestyle choices.  I want to future proof the health of our Nation because it really is just a choice that we can have influence over.   I’d love to see happier people, which leads to happier families, since Women are the anchor pin of most family dynamics.

What could be your expected outcomes of creating a Vision board?  

You will start to create the life you want – by identifying your personal values

You will understand the true power of thoughts and imagination

You will be able to identify personal triggers that throw you off balance

You will activate the language of the universe with your emotional guidance

You will utilise all 5 senses – smell, touch, hearing, sight, sound and when all these are in balance, you have the key to the conscious mind

Create create create – I’d love to see a picture of what you come up with.

With Love 

Michelle Galbraith MAR MNT

Michelle G contact

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