An open letter to anyone who’s failed their exam results today…

It’s the day thats been looming upon many for the past 12 months or more… many UK students will be passing their exams with flying colours and gleefully packing their bags for the Uni of their choice. However, many people won’t be celebrating today, having had results that were less than they expected. We wanted to send you guys a little love letter, because we want you to know, as much as this may feel like the end of the world, it really isn’t. You’re going to be OK.

So here we go…

Dear (insert your name here)

We’re so sorry to hear that you didn’t get the results you wanted. We know, its a little strange writing you a letter like this, when we don’t even know you, but we just wanted to tell you – its going to be OK. Do you know what? Its going to be more than OK, its going to be brilliant. Life is going to be brilliant. 

Yes, we are well aware that it feels like the end of the world – all your friends are posting their A*s on Facebook and cracking open the prosecco, and you’re feeling like you’re the only one who’s sitting in a darkened room feeling like your worlds about to end / out drinking your sorrows away and painting the town black / ruthlessly ripping up your results before anyone can find out and hoping to burn them before your parents get home / {insert your own method of self destruction here}

Here’s the reason why it’s NOT the end of the world.

Life is so much better when you believe in ‘Happy Accidents’. Have you heard that

Bob Ross

terminology before? We learned it from the great legend that is the art teacher Bob Ross (check him out on Netflix for an awesome example of a 70s fro and flare wearing with style). You’ll often see Bob, after having spent hours painting a mind blowingly beautiful lake scene, accidentally making a big huge splodge of black ink on the canvas. Shock, horror –  ‘Oh no, he’s ruined it’ we all cry. However, Bob just takes a nice and calm, deep breath, shrugs, and smiles as he somehow, wizzard-like, turns his ridiculously large paint stain into a beautiful flock of birds.  He’ll always say something like, ‘Oh, haha would you look at that…what a happy accident…now I can make it a bird, I never would have thought to put a bird there…’

When it comes to your exam results, this philosophy can work in one or two ways – you can either believe in destiny, and perhaps you are meant to be taken in a whole new direction to what you had planned, OR if you’re more of a logical thinker, its still a great opportunity to say to yourself ‘How can I make the best of this situation? What really happened? How can I turn this into a happy accident?’

mistkes quote

Lets look at both of those options, because, I can imagine its probably really a bit of both.

I can honestly say, that every ‘failure’ I have had in my life, when I look back with hindsight, every single one led me directly (or indirectly), on to something really important. Sometimes its the failures in life that give us the most clarity and direction, as opposed to the wins, and I would bet money on you, yes you, finding yourself looking back one day and thinking, I am so, so glad that happened to me, because it led me to HERE.  Perhaps you’ll decide to retake a year, and meet the love of your life at college, or perhaps you’ll decide that the subjects you’ve taken just aren’t for you, and head off in a new direction and find yourself in a surprisingly perfect career that you may not have considered.

How can you make the best of this situation? My advice is to get really quiet with yourself and ask yourself why this has happened. Did you take subjects that weren’t right for you? Did you listen to exterior pressures from family or friends, and end up studying for a career that doesn’t align with who you are or want to be? Has there been something thats been distracting you from studying?  Or do you just feel, deep down, that the education system does not really serve you and who you are? (Welcome to the club, you’re absolutely not alone, and there are so many options for someone who can think outside the box, so please don’t be afraid of that). Whatever your answer is, just sit with it, and allow yourself to feel what your next steps should be. There will be plenty of articles around online today that list your options – do you want to retake, do you want to change course, do you want to seek employment? Consider all the options, and really feel into what is right for you, because you are the only person who knows that.

failures sera quote

As much as failing is the most gut wrenching feeling in the world, its something every one of us has to go through at some point in our lives, and we just want to tell you, we are here with you, flying the flag for you and all your awesomeness – don’t give up on yourself, because we aren’t! This is an exciting time, and a moment to perhaps re-adjust where your future is heading. What do you want to create for your life? 

Pause, be silent, reassess what happened, and where you want to go, and when you’re ready, take the first step towards your new life – its waiting for you!


Sera sign off NEW NAME

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