What the cluck? I’m 30!

I recently had the pleasure (not!) of turning 30….. People always comment on turning the big 3 0 and I’ve always joked about how close I was and how I was dreading it, but it turns out…..I really was dreading it!

First of all, let me tell you, I am actually a very positive person, always happy and always see the good in situations, however I found this rite of passage really difficult to stomach, and I know its a hard time for many of us, so I hope this post may help anyone else who may be panicking about turning an age.

For me, the panic wasn’t physically getting older or looking older, and everyone said ‘you will feel no different’ but that wasn’t the worry for me, the point that really troubled me, was that everything I thought I would be by this age, I am not.

I have always had a physical image in my head of what 30 looks like. I thought I would be taller, yet I haven’t grown since year 7 of school…I thought I would be a lot skinnier and far more fashionable… I thought I would have earnt a lot of money by now, have a career which I was settled in, own my own home and have at least 2 children.

However, I guess the point is…you cannot predict life. Life is pretty magical like that. Whilst I haven’t got to many of the points on my list, I have achieved a lot in the past 10 years…a lot has happened…

I finished uni, and I had my first attempt at running a business, which taught me a lot. I learnt how to live as an independent adult, paying bills, cooking, managing a household etc. I even bought my own hand drill and also learnt how to boil an egg! (Nigella eat your heart out)

I learnt a LOT from a relationship that didn’t work out. dedicated my life to working in music throughout my 20’s and achieved some awesome things ….performing at fantastic events such as The Royal Wedding Hyde Park Celebrations….taught music and inspired people of all ages… wrote and recorded my own album…wrote lots of songs in different styles…had my songs featured in a film (soon to be released), recorded vocals for other artists, toured the U.K, performed abroad…Most importantly, I met and married my amazing husband (very lucky there!).

even got to meet 2 astronauts! I held moon rock and a piece of comet, saw the Milky Way, got a telescope and became a super-geeky Astro-obsessive.


What I have learned, is that once we loosen the handle on what we ‘think’ we should be doing, we can be a lot happier in accepting the things that do come our way. Just because we think we know what is best for us, it doesn’t mean that ‘life’ doesn’t have a whole other plan for us, that actually might be a trillion times better than what we could have come up with. The key is…(cue Frozen singalong….) to let..it…go… Let go of our preconceptions about what life should be like, stop listening to society and the media’s judgements about what we should be achieving in our lives, and follow our path as it unwinds. I know that if I hadn’t experienced everything that I did in my 20s, I wouldn’t be the person I am today, and so for that, I am truly grateful, and I can’t wait to see where the 30’s will take me!



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