The Happiness Gym: An anxiety workout

The pressure to feel good on the outside is no new phenomenon. But over the past 5 years, we have seen some important transitions to what’s in fashion: from skinny to fit, and then from fit to H E A L T H Y – which we love.  This year, some us may be donning our ‘athleisure’ leggings on route to Pilates, popping vitamins and downing chai-seed bowls for breakfast. Some of us may still be aspiring to a new kind of lifestyle while having that last bit of left-over mac and cheese…I’m with you!  But honestly, who cares? Healthy in 2017 – yes please, but H A P P Y –  come at me.

Thanks to the likes of Joe Wicks & his ‘midget tree’ loving army, deliciously Ella and the rush to veganism, to name a few, knowledge on how to be healthy and fit is not only widely available, but right in front of our noses.  And this is great!

But for 2017, here at Pocket Guru, we have one simple mission – and that is to put mental health as front of mind as physical health. For too long, the stigma surrounding mental health has prevented us from looking, talking and assessing mental health in the way we would our physical health.

It’s time to take the ‘mental’ out of mental health – the negative associations and the fear from talking about how you feel.

Simply put, mental health refers to our psychological and emotional well-being – and put like that, sign us up!

So, while you are working through the resolutions you set for 2017, let’s make sure happiness is at the top of the list.


So let’s start with anxiety – something 1 in 4 people experience! These 5 simple steps have really helped me to make sure I am feeling good:

  1. Recognise mental health in the same way you would your physical health:

Let’s say you are feeling a little over-weight, you will probably start to eat healthier, exercise more, make healthy changes. If experiencing headaches, you may head to the doctor.  So why are so many of us content to be discontent? Taking this approach to your mental health is half the battle.

2. Share how you are feeling: 

I promise you, keeping feelings to yourself only magnifies them. Sharing will help to take a weight off your shoulders and put whatever is bothering you into perspective.

3. Create a Happiness Log Book:

Whatever you are feeling, log what you did that day, how you slept, who you talked to, what is on your mind. Logging what’s making you feel good will be just as helpful as logging what isn’t – aiming to increase positive comments over negative will be instrumental in breaking the cycle of thinking consistently negative thoughts.

4. Put yourself on a happiness diet:

Analyse step 3.  Is there often anxiety surrounding your job? Is something bothering you about a certain friend? Do you feel 5 times worse following alcohol consumption? Make steps to make changes – that doesn’t necessarily mean cutting them out completely but there is a lot of power in speaking to the right people and making changes to patterns of behaviour.  Even better, what makes you happy? Make more time for this!

For me, it’s all about outdoor exercise in beautiful landscapes, and open conversation with people I love – I know now that spending too much time alone or indoors is not my key to happiness.

It sounds so obvious, but be honest with yourself… how much time do you really spend doing what you love?


5. Try meditation or exercise

Both of which have been clinically proven to make you feel good…and trust me, they do! More about this coming soon…

These steps have really helped me in the past move towards feeling less anxious and more content – and I hope they work for you!  I would love to know what helps you, or if there is anything you would like to hear about next, so please do leave your comments below.



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