2016 Gave Us Lemons….So Dammit We Are Making Some Lemonade !


Lets face it, 2016 has been a year we’d all love to forget. No matter which of your musical heroes the grim reaper brutally stole from us, no matter what your political persuasion, no matter how much heartache, loss, anxiety or stress we’ve all had to work through, nobody can deny that this year has been HARD. More than hard…at times, its been like wading through a muddy field with hungry, gruesome walking-dead style zombies grabbing at our legs at every step.

But, its nearly over!!

As we make our way into the new year, some of us are busy resolving to be *insert expectation here*.  Others are wondering what could possibly come next? We have nations split down the middle, almost every celebrity we’ve ever loved has been taken from us… and I know, you’re all thinking the same as me….Just…don’t…take….Stevie Wonder.

I’m a person that loves to believe that that everything happens for a reason, and so, sitting here in the aftermath of this destruction that in my mind will be labelled ‘Hurricane 2016’ forever more, I ask myself, how do we take this year and ensure that next year is the absolute best it can possibly be? How do we take these lemons that 2016 have left fallen from the tree, and make the most awesome, thirst quenching, sweet and tasty lemonade?

The answer I come to is this…



Lets accept it – this year has been shitty. Personally, this year has brought everything we had lurking in our emotional depths, right to the surface. Its happened to us all. Lets accept our part in it too. What could we have done differently? What role did we play that we could perform a little differently next year? Or if we feel totally victimised, in the truest sense, without ego or agenda, can we accept that we felt that way and then let it go?




After acceptance, comes the growth. Growing from our experiences. Taking that crappy thing that happened to us, accepting how, why and that it happened, and allowing ourselves to grow, so it doesn’t happen again. Allowing ourselves to learn the lessons.

But here’s the gold…

Because here’s the thing – Whilst the caterpillar is inside its chrysalis, it has to go through the biggest struggle you can imagine to create the metamorphosis into a butterfly.  A diamond, when it is formed, has to go through the most crazy alchemy to transform from dirt to dazzle. And those of us who’ve given birth…need I say any more?

My point is – it often takes chaos, unexpected and sometimes unfathomable pain, to create the world’s most beautiful gifts. If the world is in a state of chaos, then we are also in the most beautiful state of growth. This is the gift that 2016 has given us – the gift of transformation, the gift of metamorphosis, the gift of alchemy.

So…how to make 2016 into sweet lemonade? Accept the chaos, use it for the most expansive growth you can, and lets see what 2017 brings!



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